After our visit to the Archaeological Museum in Vilalba, the Wolves went to visit some real sites. At the first site, a protective cave used by ancient hunters at night. Here we are looking for rocks to make tools (arrow heads, spear heads and cutting tools) like the tools used in the Stone Age.

We also tried to make fire by banging two stones together but the ground was too wet and we could not make the rocks spark!

I made a fish hook to catch fish with! This flint will also help me to cut the fish because it is very sharp!

We are walking along the moors to find our next site! A prehistoric tomb in Galicia. And here is the tomb! In Rozas das Modias, on the outskirts of Vilalba. A Dolmen in the ground, made with enormous stone slabs, was used to bury the dead in.

We had to be careful not to fall in!

Finally we went to eat our lunch in the Dining Room that formed part of a school from the beginning of the 1900´s.

We then visited one of the classrooms. The desks had inkwells and blackboards. There was even a Singer sewing machine at the back of the classroom, which was used to teach sewing.

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