This Friday the Arteandando Company brings their show ‘The world in your hands’ to Coruña British School. It combines music with dance.

It is directed by Carlota Perez who is also in charge of contemporary dance and choreography. The musical interpretation has been done by Jenni Rahunen who will be playing the accordion, the flute and using her voice to perform the melodies that give shape to ‘the world in your hands’. In charge of the percussion is Andrés Freites and Javier Otaduy is in charge of the audio and visuals which will enhance the dance and music show.

The show will take place on Friday at 2.45pm. It tells the story of three adults who pretend to be children in an imaginary world through their hands. Their hands touch, dream, caress, dance and build a world using a clothes line which turns into a magical world. They discover the importance of their hands and the connection with nature.

The four elements (earth, water, fire and air) are the common theme of the narration.

09 / 03 / 16