This week Coruña British School has returned to school after our long summer holiday. The children are all very excited to be back and see old friends and meet new ones. Of course we are here for learning and we wish you all our students the very best in their studies for 2017/18.

We have a number of new students and staff to give a warm CBS welcome to as well. You are now part of us and you will know that the learning journey that we are embarking on, whether a child or adult, is one we will walk together.

CBS is moving from strength to strength as we develop and open another new year group. As as school we have talked about doing our best to be the best. This week has been another step in that direction.

But this year there is an extra incentive reach all our goals because we celebrate the 45th anniversary of O Castro educational group, to which we are affiliated to. Congratulations O Castro!


11 / 09 / 17