Coruna British School held a meeting for the parents of students in which Ms María Carmen Vázquez (Founder Governor) and Ms Zena Lawford (Head Teacher) explained some of the issues regarding the running of our academic institution.

Ms Silvia Mesejo, our secretary, acted as a translator to ensure that no details of the talk were missed.

Following the presentation given by Ms María Carmen Vázquez, Zena Lawford emphasised on everyday issues, such as the importance of parents noting down any instructions for teachers each morning in their children’s school dairy, or the necessity, even more so at the beginning of the course, of including name tags in the students clothing and on their school bag. Having the class shield on their jacket is another basic resource that makes it easier to distinguish students at a glance and makes the task of sorting students into classrooms simpler for teachers, especially at this early stage until they know all the students.

During the meeting parents were issued with the parent-school agreement that sets out the norms and values of the school, including the responsibilities and commitments to be adopted both by parents and the school.

Ms Lawford explained that since Coruna British School aspires to create a culture of learning in which children can make the most of their abilities, encouraging lifelong learning. To achieve this they request the cooperation of parents.

Ms Zena, who thanked parents for the support they have provided during this adjustment period, said: “Together we will give children the roots to grow and the wings to fly”.

23 / 09 / 15