“The choice of the school is a decision that is mainly stressful to the parents.However in our case we dispel the doubts as soon as they announced the opening of the first British School in Coruña.

Due to the current geopolitical and social situation, unfortunately there are still those who think that a British School is a good option because children “go out speaking English” but that is ONLY the surface of a GREAT system. A system in which each student is unique and has its own objectives in the different areas of knowledge. It is a comprehensive and personalized education. Our experience at CBS is extraordinary and together, teachers and parents work for the good development of each student.

As a mother it is wonderful and rewarding to see how ALL school staff is involved in stimulating and promoting students, day by day, to discover the world, to excel, to develop their creativity, independence and responsibility, making learning stimulating and that they “Be the best you can be.”

06 / 02 / 19