“In addition to the fact that Coruña British School is a 100% British school, what we like the most is that our daughters come to class happy every morning and are excited to see their teachers, learn and have fun. There is nothing better for parents than to leave their children at school happy every morning!

The dedication of the teaching staff and the school management is total, as seen in each of the students, as we can also see in the parent consultations. The school also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities and very interesting school trips and excursions.

The dining room service, with its own kitchen, where the food is prepared daily, also stands out for its organisation: each child is correctly identified with their photograph, which is especially reassuring for parents with children with special nutritional needs.

In short, the involvement, effort and commitment shown every day by the school team means that we are more and more confident that we have made the right school choice for our daughters.”

06 / 02 / 19