“When I came to work at CBS, I wasn’t sure what to expect – however in the first few weeks I realised I had made the correct decision: an authentic British School in an authentic Spanish town! … everything I had been looking for, but most importantly everything needed to engulf an inclusive bilingual and bicultural education.

Every day I watch our pupils in Early Years grow and learn, and it is fascinating as an educator to watch the children develop their language, social and academic skills in a second language, which will soon rival their first. I feel honoured to have been part of the process. Likewise, it is amazing to observe our little humans on their individual paths, developing into accepting and open-minded young adults ready to take on the world. Sometimes I pass them in the hallway and listen to the chatter… and I think proudly, ‘I helped with that, I have been a part of his/her journey!’

At CBS there is a strong sense of community, and a real partnership among staff, children and parents. I very much enjoy community events such as our Summer Fair where we really work together and get to know each other, forming bonds that go further than the walls of the classroom.

However, my favourite part of Coruña British School is having had the pleasure to work with our dedicated team of wonderful professionals – always striving for greatness, lending a hand and going above and beyond for each other and the children.”

06 / 02 / 19