Science takes over the school

Next Saturday, March 14th, the first British school in the city will be transformed for a day into a small theme park with science as the protagonist, with workshops and activities to enjoy an original, different and fun day with the  whole family.


The event is free and open to anyone who wants to have a good time with the family as there will be workshops and activities for all ages and also for children aged 2! from 11.00 to 1pm. In addition, Science Day will have a cafeteria service and a raffle of scientific gifts amongst all attendees.

Science for the youngest ones

Science Day is a day to experience and enjoy with the family and the youngest ones should not miss it!. We have designed a series of activities especially aimed at the youngest children (+ 2 years of age). “Building my world”, a workshop that will introduce children to architecture and in which you can play while learning to build, as well as working spatial and manipulative skills. “Air rockets construction”, a very fun introduction to astronautics for the little ones. Also you can delve into the world of electronics and programming through “Youth Makers”.

Escapism for children

This is, without a doubt, one of the main attractions of Coruña British School’s Science Day. In recent years, the Escape Rooms have become a whole social phenomenon, but not always accessible to children. We will venture into the story of “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” and we will have to help him escape from the room where he is trapped.

Scientific thinking

We could not have a science day without critical and analytical thinking and this year they come from the hands of the workshop “CSI: who has stolen the cake?, which introduces children to the usual techniques and procedures of these investigations.

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04 / 03 / 20