There are two main formats for reporting to parents in a British school. The first is the parent/teacher consultation which take place three times a year at the end of each term and is a one to one meeting with the teacher and the parents. The teacher verbally reports on their child’s progress and may guide parents on how they can best support their child’s learning or indeed on the social and emotional aspects of the student’s development. The parents have the opportunity to ask the teacher questions about their child’s progress or raise any other relevant issues with regard to their child.

The second format is the parents receive a written school report. This is quite different from the school report that we find in the local system as the focus is not solely on the marks and the child’s achievement in formal assessments in just the main subjects. Almost as much emphasis is placed on the student’s effort as their attainment. They often include a judgement being made by the teacher over many criteria within each of the subject disciplines, in a Primary school the focus is on Maths and language.

Importance is also placed on a general written comment about the child’s personal, social and emotional development. This is also the place where the teacher can make a comment on the student’s general learning ability and effort. More often than not the teacher will record a number of next steps in learning for the student.

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