Playtime is a very important part of our curriculum at CBS. We believe that playtimes make children happier, healthier and improve concentration in lessons. The children get the opportunity to integrate with other classes and to play with their friends and family. Playtime also promotes imagination, creativity and team building.

At Coruña British School, the children have different areas to play in:

The Covered Area

The covered area is a great area for the Foundation Stage because the children are able to go outside even when it is raining. The children have a range of resources to play with, building blocks, sand and water and even messy play!!!

The Tarmac Area

The tarmac area gives the children lots of opportunities to play with the cars, bikes and scooters. The pretend road helps the children follow different directions with signs that remind them when to stop and to follow the rules when approaching a zebra crossing.

Other Areas

In the grass area, we are lucky to have beautiful trees where the children can learn about nature and the seasons. The children can also play with bats, balls, bean bags, skittles etc. They can also use the slide and tunnel. This promotes sharing, turn-taking and team building. The children also use stepping stones to help them balance and Year 1 have also collected little stones to create their own art work.

The Green House

Some children from Year 1 have also had the opportunity to visit the green house. Mr Taylor has been busy planting, lettuce, broccoli and tomatoes and the Year 1 children have helped him water them to make sure they stay healthy and continue to grow-hopefully we will be able to eat them soon!!

Future Plans

As a staff we have lots of plans to develop the outside area at Coruña British School, however, we would like the children´s input on how to develop the area further. This will be done throughout the year and we are so excited about getting everyone involved.Year 1 has already had a discussion with their teacher about what they would like in the playground and we hope to continue to make the playground a fun place to be!

22 / 10 / 15