The learning system used for reading and writing, Phonics, is a methodology used in the National Curriculum of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In Coruna British School we follow several steps to understand that all letters have a sound and that when used side by side they make up another.

During the first stage the children will learn letters by the initial sounds of words. They will learn that the word “snake” begins with the “sssssss” sound and will move their arm like a snake. They will identify the sound with the letter and all whilst playing. In Coruña British School we strive to make learning fun.

Together we will identify the different sounds found in a word and finally they will face the so called ‘tricky words’, i.e.; those words that do not follow the usual phonetic rules. This way they will be able to read any word even if they do not know its meaning. An example of a tricky word is roof – it has a digraph “OO” these two letters together make a new sound found in the word roof and tooth etc.

At Coruña British School we know that children learn at different speeds dependent on their age, experience, environment and individual level of development. Children also progress at varying rates in different areas of learning and development and with different skill sets.

A book hides a story and should be treated with care

To help with their phonics and with their learning experience in general, it is very important that children read seeing it as something fun to do. It is very important that parents help them to see that inside a book they will find new and exciting stories and that books need to be treated with care so that after they have enjoyed a book another child can also enjoy it afterwards.

26 / 07 / 16