Over a hundred people have joined us during our first Open Day at CBS. They loved our students exhibitions, especially the spectacular staging of Year 3, where they sang, danced and performed the original version of Cinderella with Ancient Egypt as a background theme.

In addition, they were able to enjoy various workshops where they learned through play. With the workshop My City Lights they built plants, trees or animals with conductive plasticine that they illuminated without any type of cables!

In the Sweet Bugs workshop they discovered a lot about the smallest animals like bugs and mini beasts. They built a floor recreating its structure and layers and learned how different bugs live inside it … and best of all…the floor was made of jellybeans and cookies!

They also immersed themselves in the STEAM world with recycled and electronic story Monsters. They built their own monster from recycled materials endowed with movement thanks to a Microbit, a programmable electronic board for children.

A magnificent performance of magic for the whole family and a hot and delicious chocolate put the finishing touch to a fun and educational family afternoon.

We can’t wait to enjoy it all again next year!

03 / 03 / 18