Our Year 1 Lions will be learning this first term that we are all the same but at the same time we are all different as after all we are all marvellous.

In Science they will be learning to name body parts. In history and geography they will be creating a plan of the place where they live and sorting and ordering Coruña during different times as well as describing landmarks of Coruña. Just imagine how much the city has changed over time!

In maths they will be focusing on number and problem solving as well as counting, reading and writing numbers to 20 and starting to count in 10S and 2s.

In literacy they will enjoy reading and discussing a variety of stories, retelling stories orally and using writing whilst in expressive arts and design we want our Lions to learn to identify different materials and their uses in art.

Creating class rules and building relationships with new people will be one of the tasks they will have in personal, social and emotional development. In religion they will talk about some of the beliefs and religions that people have in the world.

In physical development they will have fun learning to bounce balls and play group games.

During their music class they will learn to understanding what pitch is and to control the pitch of an instrument.

Lastly, in computing, they will learn to edit images with paint and they will be exploring different electronic painting techniques.

15 / 08 / 16