Solidarity letters

Primary students from Coruña British School had a very special activity this week. Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 have written letters to be shared among patients that are in the CHUAC hospital that are isolated because of the coronavirus.

With these letters, which will be distributed through the María José Jove Foundation, our primary students want to send a message, in the name of the whole educational community, of encouragement and support, to help them get through this difficult time and combat the loneliness to which they are exposed to as a result of isolation.

One child from Year 5 was very grateful and excited to be a part of this initiative, which she wrote with all her love for the sick. This exercise helped  another to put himself in the place of others and feel how happy he would be to receive one of these letters it if he was in this situation. When he finished writing it he felt that at least with his words he will have made a person who is in this situation and far from his home and on his own happy.

A beautiful initiative from our students, which will surely be a breath of fresh air for these patients. CBS would like to send you all our strength and encouragement.

20 / 04 / 20