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Coruña British School kindly invites you to its Open Day’s Week, which will be held between the 21st and the 25th of October. Come and meet us to find out more about the British Curriculum, recognized worldwide.

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Open Day's Week

Located in A Zapateira, Coruña British School is the first british school in the city. We kindly invite you to know more about our educational project, our methodology and main features of the most prestigious education system worldwide.

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British Education system

The British education system is recognised and respected throughout the world for its quality. The UK’s National Curriculum aims to meet the individual needs of every student and offers a broad and balanced curriculum with exposure to a wide range of stimulating and motivating learning experiences. Teaching methods are differentiated to guarantee progress for every student and regular evaluation enables teachers to identify individual areas of strength and weakness and to adapt the student’s learning programme accordingly. The curriculum is carefully conceived to support, guide and educate every child, helping them to achieve their full academic and personal potential.


Academic Excellence

Educational excellence is a key element of the British system and this ideal extends beyond purely academic achievement. The British curriculum encourages young people to interact with and explore the world around them, to think independently and form their own points of view, and to respect and communicate intelligently with others. Students are taught how to solve problems, how to work effectively as part of a team and how to think critically and creatively, essential skills that they will take with them into the workplace. Pupils are given the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom; cultural events, activities and trips form an integral part of the curriculum, and pupils are encouraged to engage in work experience, and to become socially responsible and ethically aware individuals.</em>



Our School is located in a estate of 3.200 metres, it has 1.500 square metres built, with excellent modern facilities for a child’s educational needs during School hours and also for extracurricular activities: differentiated playing areas, greenhouse, heated swimming-pool, sports hall, role-play area with a shop, garage corner etc. Furthermore, we are developing a new campus to house the students from 7 to 18 years old, whilst the A Zapateira campus will continue to be used for pupils from Early Years to Year 2. These facilities are purpose-built and designed to cater for the specific educational and social needs of each age group, and to create a well-organised and happy learning environment.


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