Extracurricular Activities

We offer a complete and varied programme of extracurricular activities. Every year we update and improve our extracurricular programme in order to supplement our mainstream curriculum and provide our students with the opportunity to acquire new skills and improve old ones. Every child is unique and has different talents and abilities, some as yet undiscovered. We offer a full programme of academic, sporting, artistic and creative activities for children aged from four upwards; encourage your child uncover their hidden talents!

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Academic Activities

Additional academic activities are offered to help students improve and extend their knowledge and understanding of the classwork work undertaken in the mainstream curriculum. Amongst other activities on offer, children can learn German or Chinese, Robotics or Nenoos 360.


Artistic and Creative Activities

Activities on offer in the arts-based extracurricular activity programme at Coruña British School include Drama, Play Music, Art, Dance, Ballet and much more.



Sport and physical activity play a fundamental role in a child’s all-round development and can provide an ethical framework that is transferable to other areas of life. Chess, judo, basketball, multi-sports and swimming are all on offer as part of the extracurricular programme. What will you choose?!



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