British Education System

British education is globally known and respected for quality and the prestige of its curriculum. At Coruña British School we follow the National Curriculum of England, which is designed to meet the individual needs of every student. We motivate and encourage students to identify and empower their own talents. We have a goal: that our students never lose the desire to learn, guiding them to be Lifelong Learners.

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Dual curriculum

Coruña British School, the first British school in A Coruña, offers an international and comprehensive educational project. Its curriculum includes the National Curriculum of England and the Spanish curriculum, it is recognised by the British Council, through its accreditation by NABSS (Association of British Schools in Spain) and approved by the Xunta de Galicia.

Our educational programme is based on four Core Principles that form the basis of our ideology: prepare each of our students to live a happy, full and successful life in a globalised world.

Educational Excellence

We pursue educational excellence, which goes beyond academic successes. We help our students to develop their skills and talents, with innovative teaching methods and in a personalised and supportive learning environment. The objective of our teachers, highly qualified and with years of experience, is to give our students the necessary tools to develop their full potential, both academic, social and personal.

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Global readiness

The linguistic immersion in English is total from the first day of school (3 years old) and the classroom teaching staff are 100% native speakers of English. In addition, our curriculum includes Spanish, French and Galician. It also implies an understanding of the world from a global and multidisciplinary perspective, that is incorporated into our curriculum. There are international exchanges, events and activities of NACE Schools which reinforce this global preparation of our students, allowing them to share experiences, exchange points of view and forge friendships with children from all over the world.

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More than a School

Sports, music and creative arts are essential for the development of an honest and well-educated person. For this reason, in Coruña British School we promote curricular learning through these areas and we make available to students a wide variety of activities that complement the curriculum in these ways.

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Education by Values

Education by Values is the central axis of our educational program. We are a socially committed educational community with solid principles. We profess and promote values such as respect, tolerance, compassion, solidarity, commitment and a sense of social and personal responsibility; values we want to accompany them for the rest of their lives.

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Our Core Principles

At Coruña British School we encourage our students to explore and discover the world around them, to develop their own points of view, to respect others and to relate to others appropriately. Problem solving, working in groups effectively and thinking critically and creatively are basic aspects of our educational model. We are a socially committed educational community with solid principles that we pass on to our students every day.

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