Our Curriculum and Key Stages

Our Curriculum

The British National Curriculum is designed to provide an education that facilitates an understanding of the world in which we live and the challenges that we face. The curriculum aims to educate ethically aware young people, capable of leadership, with the tools that they need for success in whatever field they choose to embark upon as they move on into the wider community.

At Coruña British School the National Curriculum of England, Wales and Northern Ireland provides a broad and balanced educational programme, with full immersion in the English language from your child’s first day at the school. Students receive personalised attention in order to help them to access every part of the curriculum and to maximise academic and personal success. As they move through the school into the more senior classes, students will have access to a career and further study guidance programme, involving mentoring sessions to help them to set appropriate goals, and a work experience element to help them to understand the realities of the world of work.

The structure of the British Curriculum

The National Curriculum of England, Wales and Northern Ireland consists of a number of Key Stages, each with a clearly defined programme of study. The principal educational stages are:

  • Early Years Foundation Stage (3 – 5 years).
  • Primary Education (5 – 11 years).
  • Secondary Education (11 – 16 years), culminating in IGCSE examinations.
  • Sixth Form (16 – 18 years), culminating in A-Level examinations.

IGCSEs and A-levels

As our students arrive at the end of the Secondary and Sixth Form stages respectively, they will sit the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and Advanced Level (A-Level) examinations, which are internationally recognised, academic qualifications, acceptable for entry to the best universities worldwide. These study programmes also comply with the academic requirements stipulated by Government of Galicia, thus allowing our students to apply for places at Spanish and Galician universities.


Early Years

The Early Years stage corresponds to the Infant Education stage in the Spanish system and is a key developmental stage, forming the foundation of your child’s educational journey. In the British curriculum we focus on linguistic immersion in English, artistic and musical activities, emotional intelligence and creative play.

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During the Primary stage, we focus on providing children with a secure foundation in literacy and numeracy, in addition to working on personal and social skills. Children learn in a positive and stimulating environment and are taught how to work effectively in teams and groups, learn how to study on their own, how to listen and concentrate, solve problems, make decisions, take initiative and learn about responsibility and cooperation.

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At Secondary stage students will begin to acquire and develop the critical, analytical and rational thinking skills necessary to enable them to study efficiently and to become responsible and proactive members of society.

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Sixth Form

When our students arrive in the Sixth Form for their final two years at school, they get to choose the subjects that they wish to explore in greater depth, be it languages, humanities, sciences, arts or technology. Students select their A-Level subjects based upon their individual preferences and aptitudes, with a view to preparing for further academic study at university or for which ever career path they are working towards.

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IGCSEs and A-levels

The IGCSE and A-Level examination courses are highly respected, internationally recognised, academic qualifications. These qualifications prepare our students to move forward into the international community and provide a springboard for further academic and professional success.

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