At Coruña British School every class has an assigned mascot that will accompany the students throughout their academic year. They will be their emblem and companion in the classroom.

A ladybird, butterfly, bumblebee or Caterpillar…, do you want to know which cuddly toy will accompany your child in school?

It is very simple. If your child is nursery then their playmate for this term could be Bertie, the bumblebee, or Lucy the ladybird. It will be the first case if your teacher is Ms Cunningham and her assistant Ms Oliver. On the other hand, it will be the latter, for the class taught by Ms Botelho and Ms Toba.

This is Bertie, the bumblebee. His tummy, of yellow and black stripes, makes him unmistakable. Soon he will be able to fly, although he is still learning like all the other students at Coruña British School. A fun pair of antennas crowns his head.

This cute ladybird, with a red tummy and black spots is Lucy. She also has wings on her back ready to take flight when the time comes and antennas to pay extra attention in class.

The students in the reception classroom, taught by Ms Vega and Ms Tolchard have Charlie the caterpillar as their friend for this term with his red head, lilac antennae and a green body full of colourful hairs.

For first year students Bella awaits, a beautiful butterfly with huge colourful wings and golden spots. She definitely won’t miss a thing taught this year by Mr Baramuszczak and Ms Vasallo.

25 / 08 / 15