The concept of differentiation is extremely important in a British education. We understand that within a class of students there will be a variety of academic levels. We therefore plan our teaching with this in mind with the aim for each child to reach their full potential.

We do not teach to the average and use one to one, partner work, group work and whole class teaching to meet the whole group’s needs. By assessing their students within the learning cycle teachers can then plan learning opportunities that challenge the children in their class.

The work is differentiated to their needs and is not too easy nor to difficult, maintaining progress to the child’s next learning level. In this way it means that students working towards a class level do not get left behind and an increasing wide gap open up over the duration of the year. Equally those students working above the year group level are appropriately challenged and can learn the same concepts and skills to a deeper level. When there are expectational learning needs British schools can with the support of the learning support department and parents implement a special learning plan for students who are struggling and those who need further extending.

22 / 08 / 17