Our History

Coruña British School opened its doors in September 2015 as the first British school in A Coruña and counterpart of the pioneer center in Galicia (O Castro British School) in the north of the community. Coruña British School is certified by the Galician government and regulated by the British Council and NABSS (the National Association of British Schools in Spain) who conduct regular inspections in order to ensure that we maintain the highest standards in all that we do.

In September 2017, in line with our mission to offer our students a truly international education, prepared to embrace the advantages and challenges of today’s global community, we joined the prestigious Globeducate group, one of the top five education providers worldwide.

True to our core principles our school community provides an environment in which our children feel happy, secure and confident. Our most capable pupils are appropriately encouraged and challenged, and those students who find academic study more difficult are provided with all the support that they need in order to progress; in this way every child is given the opportunity to achieve their full potential. We believe that children learn best when the learning process is fun, stimulating and proactive.

Coruña British School currently delivers the British National Curriculum from Early Years (equivalent of Infant 1 in the Spanish system) to Year 4 (Primary 3 in the Spanish system), and a new cohort will be added each academic year, until the school will provide a fully integrated educational programme from Early Years to Pre-University (for students aged from 3 to 18 years).

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