One more year, Coruña British School will be raising funds through reading wth its yearly Readathon, an activity framed in Book Week, which has the dual objective of promoting the habit of reading amongst its students whilst collaborating in a charitable cause, raising funds for the charity A.I.R.E.

The Readathon will be held between 11th April and 30th April, and although it is not mandatory to participate, we expect a massive participation, as in previous years. The more books our students read, the more funds they will raise for the charity A.I.R.E. They can read in any language!

The collection will be made through a system of sponsors that can be materialized in three different ways: through a donation for each book read in the next three weeks; with a donation for the time spent reading or through a single contribution for the campaign.

We hope you read a lot and enjoy yourself even more!

10 / 04 / 18