Coruña British School is the first British school in A Coruña. Located in A Zapateira, the current campus imparts the British curriculum from Nursery (3 years old) to Year 4, the equivalent of 3º of Primary in the Spanish system.

A global education with a clear international vocation and cultural diversity are the hallmarks of our educational model, not only because of the international and multicultural profile of our teaching team but also because of the students in transit who attend our center.

This is possible in CBS thanks to the British educational method that we teach in our classrooms, approved by the Xunta de Galicia and with the certifications of the British Council and the NABS (National Association of British Schools). An international curriculum that is taught exactly the same in our school in A Zapateira than in a school in Dubai, which allows a student to arrive from another British school in any country of the world and can be incorporated without problems at any time of the school year.

If you want to know more about our educational model or visit our school, contact the school secretary by calling 981 28 67 99.

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