Coruña British School celebrates the second edition of the Summer Fair

Coruña British School held on Saturday, June 2nd , the second edition of the Summer Fair, a day of celebration and fun for the entire educational community. The day started at 12.00 with bouncy castles, tombola and karaoke, barbecue, Spanish pinchos, hot dogs and hamburgers and a spectacular cake stand.

In addition, the students of the ukulele extra-curricular class did a magnificent performance and each class organized its own stand with a game made by parents and children. There was also the famous “soak the teacher” which the children thoroughly enjoyed! Mr Abbott and Ms Vila were soaked!

The second Summer Fair closed its doors at 5:00 pm, after an unforgettable day and having raised 1,200 euros for the charity Meniños. Thanks to everyone for your collaboration!

07 / 06 / 18