CBS also celebrated Spanish week and were lucky to be able to count with the following performances and demonstrations:

On Monday: In the morning we were visited by the Coruña Bobbin Lace Association who showed us how and what marvellous things they created with bobbin lace. In the afternoon Ana did a performance with her Spanish guitar.

On Tuesday we were very lucky to be visited by Noé and Bruk who did a marvellous performance with their Spanish guitar and violin.

Ms Toba showed all the classes how to do Galician dancing and Ms Moore showed the children the spanish comb and shawl and how it is worn.

On Thursday the “Rueiriños de San Pedro de Nos” showed us their Galician costumes and played and sung some Galician songs with their Galician tambourine.

On Friday members of the Andalucia House in A Coruña came to do some Flamnco Dancing and the Andalucian Choir sung a few songs.

During this week our students also got to try and enjoy some tipical Spanish food like Spanish Omelette, Chorizo, tipical Galician Carnival desserts such as “Orejas” and “Filloas (creppes)” and also the most popular Churros (fritters) with chocolate.

10 / 03 / 17