Educational Psychology Department

The Educational Psychologists and SEN (Special Educational Needs) teachers at Coruña British School are highly trained professionals with extensive experience in the field of education and child psychology. We work with children who require varying degrees of support with specific educational needs, emotional and behavioural difficulties, attention deficit disorders, gifted and talented children, and so on. Our Educational Psychology Department offers a range of practical strategies and solutions and works closely with students, their families and their teachers to help overcome these issues, and to adapt and coordinate the available resources to ensure that the needs of every student are appropriately met.

Personalised attention for every child

One of the school’s main objectives is to provide appropriate individual assistance wherever and whenever it is needed, and the Educational Psychology Department plays a significant role in helping us to achieve this. Each child is assessed and monitored, and individual programmes are designed to ensure that students can progress at their own pace. Every student is offered academic guidance and professional support and advice, to help them to set appropriate and achievable goals.

The Educational Psychology Department also provides support for new students and their families when they arrive at the school. The Department coordinates the flow of information between home and school and monitors the student as they adapt to their new daily routines to ensure that this experience is as smooth as possible. The happiness and well-being of our pupils is paramount, and we make every effort to ensure that our school provides a positive educational experience for all the children under our care.

Attention to diversity and psychological evaluation

We are very conscious that children’s educational needs are diverse, and so our Educational Psychology Department monitors individual student progress to prevent, detect and respond to any difficulties that pupils may encounter during their time at school. The Department offers support to students who may be experiencing specific learning difficulties, (such as in reading, writing or maths), social or emotional difficulties (problems with friends or behavioural issues), difficulties arising from problems at home or attention deficit disorders. The Educational Psychology Department also offers support and guidance to gifted and talented pupils in response to the specific challenges faced by children who fall into this category.

The Educational Psychology Department also collaborates with external specialists and consultants and can help to arrange specific diagnostic evaluations where it is felt to be appropriate.

Support for families and staff

Our Psychologists and SEN staff work closely with form tutors, teachers, families, as well as, where necessary, with psychologists, psychiatrists and other specialists, to ensure that every student is provided with the help that they need in order to achieve their full potential. The Department welcomes consultation with parents and families to make sure that any issues are dealt with sensitively and collaboratively, and to ensure that information is distributed appropriately, sensitively and efficiently.


“After spending some years living outside of Spain, I returned to my hometown wishing to find a job that fits my way of understanding education. Today I can say that I feel very lucky to be part of Coruña British School because from the beginning in 2015 I fell in love with this project in which each student is UNIQUE. We all have different learning rhythms, motivations and needs. And that is what makes them so special.

In Coruña British School we consider very important to teach in a global way. For this reason values and emotions take an important role.

I believe we have a perfect combination: open and flexible methodology and a great team that has become a small family. All of this makes each day in CBS different from the previous one. With ambitions, with new challenges and being sure that working as a team we can always keep growing. In CBS all the members of the community teach and learn constantly. We have a main objective “to be the best version of ourselves”.”

Alejandra Vasallo Santos

Guidance Department

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