A British Education

An introduction to the British education system

The outstanding quality of the British education system is recognised and respected throughout the world. The National Curriculum of England, Wales and Northern Ireland is designed to meet the individual needs of every student, providing exposure to a broad and balanced range of stimulating and motivating learning experiences. A variety of teaching methods are employed to ensure that each student progresses at their own pace; pupils are regularly evaluated to enable staff to identify individual areas of strength and weakness and to adapt each student’s learning pathway accordingly. The British Curriculum and our excellent teachers ensure that every student is given the best opportunity for academic and personal success.

Educational excellence is at the heart of the British system and this philosophy extends beyond purely academic achievement. The British curriculum encourages students to see the world around them from a different perspective, to form their own opinions, and to express themselves thoughtfully, respectfully and intelligently. Problem solving, working effectively as part of a group or independently, and learning how to approach their studies with a critical, open and creative mind are all skills that form part of our students’ daily educational experience, and are skills that we believe they will carry forward into the workplace in later life. We offer a range of cultural events, activities and trips as an integral part of the curriculum and pupils are encouraged to become socially, ethically and environmentally aware.

Coruña school is a British School located outside the United Kingdom, delivering the National Curriculum of England, Wales and Northern Ireland and using the corresponding assessment and evaluation methods. Pupil assessment is ongoing and includes regular testing in reading, writing and comprehension, teacher evaluation and reporting, SAT (Standard Assessment Tests) and University of Cambridge examinations. Using these assessment tools, we can build a cumulative overall picture of each child’s progress. Structured, continuous assessment allows our teachers to adapt teaching and learning processes to suit the needs of each of our pupils and to maximise their academic potential.

The British National Curriculum outlines a series of key academic and cognitive objectives for every stage of your child’s educational journey. The overall framework is divided into blocks known as Key Stages and pupil achievement at each Key Stage is evaluated through standardised tests. At Secondary level our pupils will study for the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) examinations at aged 16, and A-Levels at aged 18. These are high-regarded, internationally-recognised qualifications, accepted at the best universities in the world.

At Coruña British School we follow the British National Curriculum, taught in English at all stages, although our students also follow courses in the Galician Language, the Spanish Language, and in “Sociales”, an overview of Spanish history and culture, which is also taught in Spanish.

Our Core Principles

Education at Coruña British School is based upon the four core principles shared by all Globeducate: Educational Excellence, Global Readiness and linguistic immersion, More than just a school and A Values-based Education. These four principles form the foundation of our educational philosophy and help to guide our students towards a happy and successful life within the global community.

We believe that Educational Excellence is achieved by helping our students to develop their individual skills and abilities and by employing innovative teaching methods in a personalised and supportive learning environment. Our teachers are highly-qualified and experienced, and provide all the tools necessary for our pupils to reach their full potential. We embrace the use of new technologies and our excellent, purpose-built facilities on the outskirts of the city enhance and enrich the learning process.

Our second core principle is Global Readiness, which includes full immersion in the English language. Although we offer Spanish, French and Galician as part of our curriculum, our main language for teaching, learning and day-to-day life at the school, is English. We employ native English and bilingual teachers for all our language classes and believe that full immersion is the best and easiest way to achieve confidence and fluency in any language.

As our students grow and move upwards through the school, they will be given the opportunity to study for renowned international qualifications such as the Cambridge IGCSE and A-level examinations. Global Readiness also implies a knowledge and understanding of issues and events that are affecting the world in which we live, and the ability to view life from a broader perspective. Our curriculum encourages a global approach and is complemented by the international exchanges, activities and events organised by the Globeducate group, which enable our students to meet pupils from all over the world, share experiences, exchange views and forge lifelong friendships.

The third core principle at Coruña British School is founded upon our belief that an all-round education extends way beyond the purely academic and that being, More than just a School, involves providing our students with a wide range of enriching experiences both inside and outside the classroom. We offer complete programmes in sport, music and the creative arts, which we believe to be essential for the overall development and all-round education of every individual.

And, last but certainly not least, we offer a Values-based Education, and this core principle underpins everything that we do at Coruña British School. Our objective is to educate young people with a clear and well-defined value system, which includes respect, tolerance, compassion, commitment and a sense of social and personal responsibility that will remain with them throughout their lives.

Educational Excellence

At Coruña British School our teachers are continually trained in new and innovative teaching techniques, enabling them to ensure that their students are flourishing and progressing. Our classrooms are fully equipped with the latest technologies and our excellent facilities provide a supportive and positive learning environment in which teachers and pupils work together to achieve their academic and personal goals.

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Global Readiness

From their first day at school our pupils are immersed in the English language and thus quickly become confident and fluent English-speakers. Children also learn Castellano, French and Galician via topics that are relevant at both a local and a global level, and are encouraged to study for internationally recognised qualifications. As Coruña British School is a member of the Globeducate group, our pupils get the opportunity to participate in and enjoy a wide range of international activities and experiences. Meeting and interacting with other Globeducate students from around the world helps our children to grow academically, socially and culturally and to embrace a truly international future.

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More than just a school

Music, creative arts and sport form part of our curriculum from Early Years (three years old) onwards. We believe that these subjects are essential to the all-round education of each of our pupils, allowing them to explore and develop skills in areas beyond the traditional academic curriculum. Participating in these subjects enables our students to develop a wide range of skills and abilities which may not be accessible via a more traditional curriculum, including creative skills such as sensitivity, self-expression and abstract thinking and physical skills like strength, stamina, flexibility and coordination.

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A Values-based Education

The curriculum at Coruña British School is underpinned by a clearly defined system of values. We want to provide our students with the tools necessary to help to make the world a better place and to ensure that each individual has a strong personal ethos founded on self-respect and self-discipline, respect and tolerance for others, and a sense of personal and social responsibility.

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“When I first moved to A Coruña and joined Coruña British School, I only planned to stay for 1 year. Now, in my third year here, I could not imagine being anywhere else. The reason? The dedicated and fun loving staff, the uniqueness of our British Curriculum which leads to wonderful learning opportunities in a huge variety of ways and not forgetting our fantastic children who are full of curiosity, wonder and have a love of learning.”

James Bailey

Key Stage Leader

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