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Charity Sponsorship

Events Values

The two NACE schools in Galicia, O Castro British School and Coruña British School, join forces this year with a new charity through their sponsorship of the III Carrera Gallega de Correpasillos, which will be held next Sunday October 27 in Hall 3 of the IFEVI, at 11.00. As well as being a great cause […]

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

Do you like nature and the wonderful world of plants and flowers? Do you want to discover everything you need in order to have your own garden and grow tasty and nutritious vegetables? Do you want to learn when is the time to plant different types of plants and how to take care of them […]

Sport Activities

Extracurricular Activities Sports

Sport plays a very important role in the integral education of our students It improves physical fitness, helps improve children’s academic performance and, above all, promotes core values such as respect, effort, tolerance, cooperation, discipline, perseverance and teamwork. For that reason, and like a complement of our curriculum, Coruña British School offers differents extracurricular sport […]


Academic Extracurricular Activities Languages

Learning languages and other cultures is a key element in our curriculum. English is the vehicle language of our school. The linguistic immersion is total, with native teachers in English speaking with a proven professional experience from the first day of school, with a curriculum that also includes Spanish, French and Galician. At Coruña British […]

Art and Creativity

Academic Values

In Coruña British School, art and creativity play a very important role, since they are very significant elements for the cognitive, personal and social development of our students. For this reason, from Early Years to Primary, the creative arts constitute a fundamental pillar in the integral formation of our students. Creative Arts foster imagination and […]

New Academic Year


Not long now for the day that so many nerves and illusion has generated in recent weeks, especially the smallest of the house. The first day of school is a very special day, especially for Nursery students and families. In order to make it as easy as possible for everyone, we leave you with some […]

British Education

Academic Values

Coruña British School teaches an international and multilingual curriculum focused on the needs and specific requirements of each student, with music, creative arts and sports as key elements for the full development of the student body. The CBS learning methodology is designed to help all students thrive in their studies and achieve all of their […]

Infant Education

Academic Languages

At Coruña British School we follow the education system of the United Kingdom, a curriculum specially designed to provide students with an understanding of the current world and the great challenges of the 21st century, with personalization and the promotion of research and critical thinking. as key pieces of your educational project from the earliest […]

Helpful in advice


Next September we will start a new Academic Year, and for some of our families it will be a very exciting moment: the first day of school for 3 year olds. It is a very special moment in your lives, and a great step for your children, so we leave you with a series of […]

Charity Sponsorships

Sports Values

Last weekend was held the first Charity Race for Inclusion “Vigo a Vela”, a pioneering initiative promoted by Mundinova Communications Consultants and supported by the ONCE Foundation, which we have not been able to join, whose main objective is to raise awareness in society about the full inclusion of people with disabilities through sports. The […]

Summer programmes

News Summer Camp

Since 25th of June more than 200 kids are enjoying our English Summer Camp, a complete activity programme in English, delivered by teachers from the first ever British school in A Coruña! Because we make learning English fun! Our English Summer School is open to children from all schools in the area aged from 4 […]

House System

Sin categoría Values

This academic year, York is the winning House, so our York students enjoyed a funny day last Monday at Spring Alvedro. Just like in the Harry Potter saga, in Coruña British School we have a System of Houses with which we intend to foster a sense of community. All students belong to a House, with their own captains and a […]

Sponsorship 2019

Sports Values

The Equestrian Center Los Porches yesterday held the sixth and final test of the 2018/2019 Social League, which for the second consecutive year has had the support of Coruña British School; yet another sign of the commitment of this British school in A Zapateira with sports, especially if the protagonists are children! The finalists received, […]

Family Events

Events Values

Last Saturday, 1st of June, Coruña British School celebrated its traditional Summer Fair. This is a very traditional school event at this time of year in all British schools both in the U.K. and around the world. With this event, we want to consolidate the educational community of CBS, enjoy a fun time in the […]

Primary School Trip

Academic Trips and exchanges

Las week Y2 students visited the Tower of Hercules and the Castle of San Anton. With this visit, our Year 2 students were able to consolidate the knowledge they have acquired in class in recent weeks about the city of A Coruña. In this excursion they discovered curiosities about two of the most emblematic monuments of […]

International Day


Last Friday, Coruña British School celebrated International Day, a day in which multiculturalism and internationalization occupied a prominent place in all activities. We had representation from ten countries: USA, Portugal, Italy, China, Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom, Romania and France. Games, workshops, passport check points, international food and a great International Assembly were the most important activities of the day, that […]

Book Week

News Values

Coruña British School says goodbye to its Book Week by ending its Readathon, which once again highlights the solidarity and involvement of CBS families. In recent weeks, our students have read so much that they have collected more than 2,200 euros for the NGO A.I.R.E, a non-profit organization with which they collaborate regularly. We hope you will […]

Santa Cruz Castle

Trips and exchanges

Our Reception students went this week on a guided tour of the Santa Cruz Castle, they had a fascinating walk around the historical, cultural and natural heritage of our region. In the surroundings of the castle, located on an island, we can find an ecosystem of great autochthonous wealth. We found different elements on the […]



Our Year 4 students received the visit of the writer and author of the book (amongst others) “Aunty Clio and the typewriter”, Mónica Rodríguez, as part of this terms topic in Spanish class. The children got the most out of the visit. They  listening to the story being read by its creator, they asked all kinds of questions, the author signed copies for them  and they learnt a […]

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular Activities Languages

Global readiness is one of the fundamental pillars of CBS’ educational project. Learning languages from an early age contributes to a child’s cognitive development and is socially and educationally beneficial. At Coruña British School our pupils are immersed in the English language from the age of 3 onwards and they also get the opportunity to […]

Science Day 2019

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The first British school in A Coruña celebrated the first edition of its Science Day with a success of influx, bringing together more than three hundred people in its premises in A Zapateira. Science, creativity and inventiveness gathered to offer a family leisure alternative for the whole family, with activities designed for the youngest (+ […]

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