The primary objective of our school bus service is to provide safe and efficient transportation. Courtesy and good manners are essential in achieving this objective.
All students travelling on school routes are under the supervision of bus monitors. They should show respect for the authority they embody. Pupils must apply School rules of conduct and behaviour at all times. The bus stewardesses will report any issues of behaviour to the Head teacher.

Basic Rules

  • The School Office should be notified of any changes before 14:30.
  • If the person who collects the child is not the usual person, a parent authorisation needs to be handed to the bus personnel as well as informing the school by phone or email.
  • The bus stewardesses are not authorised to receive/take messages. If parents wish to communicate any issues related to the bus service, they must do so by contacting the Secretary’s Office.


You can download the school routes for the 2015-16 school year.