Sports at Coruña British School

In Coruña British School we believe that all children, whatever their circumstances or abilities, should be able to participate in and enjoy physical education (P.E.) and sports.

Mens sana in corpore sano. A healthy mind in a healthy body – Juvenal 60 AD

P.E. and sport programmes in schools, both within and beyond the curriculum, improve: Pupil concentration, commitment and self-esteem; leading to better behaviour, body awareness, educational attainment and development of emotional intelligence.

Our Sports Programme aims to achieve objectives such as good sportsmanship, cooperation, team work, giving and receiving support, appreciation for regular exercise, emotional control, leadership and fellowship skills.

Team Sports

In Coruña British School we believe that playing a team sport provides children with important lessons in personal values and helps them to develop friendship and camaraderie, cooperation and teamwork skills, as well as leadership skills.

Objectives of our Team Sports programme:

  • Provide our pupils with important lessons in personal values.
  • Help our pupils deal with winning and losing.
  • Help our pupils overcome shyness.
  • Help our pupils to be less selfish and to think of other people. Develop empathy.
  • Develop friendships.