Social Responsibility

Coruña British School understands Corporate Social Responsibility as a set of obligations and commitments, legal and ethical issues arising from the impact of our activities in the social, working, environmental fields and closely related to human rights.

Cultivating Values: We can plant the seeds of change.

Our commitment to improving the social, economic and environmental fields seeks to combine business efficiency with these three basic principles and educate by setting an example. We play an important role in educating our students and we believe it is essential to work together with families to promote responsible and ethical awareness.
In Coruña British School we are committed to meeting the following objectives:

  • Respect Human Rights and educate in solidarity.
  • Promote cultural and socio-environmental awareness activities, allocating some of our resources to different projects -related to the disadvantaged – and collaborating with different NGOs (e.g. Our Annual Partnership with “Save the Children”, collecting food and toys for needy families)
  • Establish environmental awareness, responsible consumption learning and sustainable living programmes (e.g. “Greenhouse” project)
  • Build a friendly and aesthetic environment, respecting the standards for environmental control.
  • Promote environmental awareness among all members of our School Community.
  • Minimise waste and promote pollution prevention by developing environmental awareness and recycling projects.
  • Maximise the efficiency and productivity of all our actions and resources.
  • Foster collaboration with local suppliers, acquiring products from organic and sustainable farming.