Coruña British School is an independent, secular and private school. The School is accredited by the Galician and Spanish Ministries of Education as well as by the NABSS (the National Association of British Schools in Spain) and the British Council. These organisations conduct regular inspections of the school.
Coruña International British School respects all beliefs and ideologies. We educate for the freedom and personal responsibility of each pupil, promoting self esteem, imagination, emotional balance and personal autonomy. We encourage social and ecological consciousness and the understanding of an increasingly globalised world. We offer a personalised education, recognising and valuing the potential of all our pupils. Each pupil is unique, with a different learning style and speed. This requires us to improve day by day, implementing and adapting educational methods to suit our pupil´s emotional and cognitive needs. We foster an individual´s global learning, incorporating all areas of knowledge (scientific, technical and humanistic). We believe it is essential to establish an open relationship between the School and the families in the spirit of cooperation and trust, based on close and fluid communication.

We are a modern, friendly and open school.