Organizational Hierarchy

Coruña British School is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate on bases of gender, race, religion or ethnicity. Our school is equipped with seasoned and experienced teachers who are committed to the best professional standards.

Our Team

Chair of Governors: David Martínez

Founder Governor: María Carmen Vázquez

Principal: Dominic Abbott

Head of Spanish: María Guyre

School Manager and School Bursar: Emilio Mañas

Communication Department: Jennifer Rope

ICT Department: Ana Pérez

Head Secretary & Admissions: Silvia Mesejo



Ms Botelho (Assistant Head) Nursery Ladybirds

Ms Baker Nursery Bumble Bees

Ms Vega Reception Butterflies

Ms Burns Reception Caterpillars

Mr Bailey Year 1 Lions

Ms Koh Year 2 Tigers


Teachers Assistants:

Ms Vilariño Nursery Ladybirds

Ms Sánchez Nursery Bumble Bees

Ms Anido Reception Butterflies

Ms Toba Reception Caterpillars

Ms López-Pizarro Year 1 Lions

Ms Moore Year 2 Tigers


Spanish Teacher: Ms Espantoso

Learning support teacher: Ms Vasallo
Galego teacher: Ms Toba


Cleaner: Ana Quintela

Cleaner: Mª del Mar Sabio

Chef: Xacobe Camacho

Assitant cook: Margarita López

Bus monitors: María Iglesias, Cristina García and Gema Ceán