Extracurricular activities

The extracurricular activities are designed to complete the School curriculum and to provide our students with the opportunity to develop skills and to shape their personality and leadership qualities.Such activities are beneficial to student’s overall performance, which help them to organize their time and contribute to and allow them to develop social and cognitive skills. This in turn builds self-esteem and encourages them to make friends with those who have similar interests to them.

In Coruña British School we believe that each child is unique and that ever one has a different talent. So as to guide our students in the development of essential skills our school offers a wide range of activities. The extracurricular activities are from 4 to 5pm. They will begin on the 11th of September and end on the penultimate day of school in June.


Languages: They play a fundamental role in our students’ education due to their importance in our globalised world and because they allow them to experience other cultures first-hand. In 2017/18 we will offer:


German 2. It will be on Mondays for children from Year 1 to Year 3 who took part last year in German and wish to continue.


French initiation. Introductory course to the French language and culture. They will learn basic everyday vocabulary and phrases for everyday use. It will be on Tuesdays for a group of 6 to 16 students from Reception to Year 3.



Dance: They will learn different dance styles from all over the world. There will be a group of 6 to 16 students from Reception to Year 3 and classes will be on Tuesdays.


Ballet: Classical dance classes. Lessons are twice a week in groups of 6 to 16 students from Reception to Year 3 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They will be divided into different levels.


Theatre: Storytelling and theatre manages to catch a child’s interest, attention and imagination and it develops their language skills holistically. There will be one group of 6 to 16 children from Reception to Year 3 on Thursdays.


Play School Music: Music lessons where the children will be introduced to different types of instruments, music and movement and musical games. The activity will be once a week on Mondays and Wednesdays for 2 groups of 6 to 12 children from Reception to Year 3.


Art: Children will be able to develop their creativity and intelligence in a fun and different way. They will work on their fine motor skills and begin to learn about artistic language and different artists. This class will be on Fridays for a group of 6 to 16 children from Reception to Year 3.


Archaeological arts and crafts: Learning about the past is fascinating for all children and this extracurricular club combines this with Arts and Crafts to bring the subject area alive in a 2 or 3 dimensional expressive form. This class will be on Mondays for a group of 6 to 16 children from Year 1 to Year 3.


Nenoos 360: Program orientated on developing specific capacities and personal development focusing on MIND: working with the Soroban abacus and games of high educational value, BODY: a practical and dynamic program based on movement to relax and EMOTION: to manage their emotions through role play and to enhance their social and debating skills.
Nenoos mini 360: for children of Reception and Year 1 on Fridays for a group of 7 to 12 children.


Robottech: Children will be introduced to educational robotics, drones and designing video games. Classes will be on Wednesdays for children from Reception to Year 3 and for a group of 10 to 16 children.


Chess: An introductory course for ages Year 1 to Year 3. We will learn the basics in term 1 of how to play the game and simple strategies for achieving the objective of capturing or nullifying the opponent’s king. In term 2 and 3 we will develop the student’s chess playing in preparation for an in school league at the end of the year. Classes will be on Fridays for Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 for a group of 6 to 16 children



Multisports: An ideal activity to introduce children to different sports. They will do gross motor and coordination exercises practising football, basketball, floorball, tennis, hockey and cricket. There will be a group of 6 to 16 children on Thursdays from Reception to Year 3.


Judo: Classes of this popular sport which exercises coordination and balance will be on Mondays and Wednesdays for a group of 6 to 16 children from Reception to Year 3.


Swimming: The children will learn to have confidence in the water, to float, dive and swim without aids. Their psychomotor capacity will improve significantly as well as their coordination, agility, reflexes and strength which will improve their physical health and their relationship with other children and the aquatic environment. The lessons will be in the school grounds with professional monitors and the classes will be divided into three levels: Level 0 for those that do not know how to swim, Level 1 for those that can swim with aids, Level 2 for those that know how to swim and are beginning to dominate swimming techniques, There will be groups with classes 2 days a week and also one day a week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for children from Reception to Year 3. Each day there will be a group of 6 children of Level 0 and 8 children of levels 1 and 2 sharing the swimming pool.


Basketball: This popular sport enhances coordination, concentration and fast reflexes. It also promotes sociability and team work. On Wednesdays it will be for a group of 8 to 16 children from Reception and Year 1.



The secretariat provides more specific data on schedules, requirements, regulations and mode of billing for each activity. Do not hesitate to send us your doubts or questions.