The National Curriculum of England

The National Curriculum of England, Wales and Northern Ireland is a framework, introduced in 1988, which sets out the most important skills and knowledge that children are expected to learn from ages 5 to 16. Early Years Foundation Stage was introduced with the intention of providing a framework to deliver consistent and high quality environments for all children in pre-school settings, from ages 3 to 5.
The National Curriculum provides a framework for schools, allowing them, at the same time, to create a personalised and unique system and to meet specific needs.
It sets the contents to be covered as well as the objectives to be achieved and the assessment methods to be used by the school. At the same time, the National Curriculum is flexible, so each school can adapt it to meet its specific needs and requirements, ensuring the development of essential skills from the first day of school.
British Schools in Spain can teach the National Curriculum only or they can choose to add a few subjects (determined by the Autonomous Community), so that they meet the Spanish Educational System requirements.

In our School

In Coruña British School we entirely follow the English National Curriculum.
In the school curriculum we also include the subjects from year 2 on: “Lingua Galega” (Galician Language), “Lengua Española” (Spanish) and “Conocimiento del Medio” (Science, Geography and History). “Lengua Española” and “Conocimiento del Medio” are taught in Spanish.