Behaviour & Discipline

Please note that this is a brief summary of our behaviour policy. The full behaviour policy is constantly reviewed and updated and is available to view at the school.
We aim to create a welcoming, caring environment where relationships are based on respect and to develop a positive self-esteem in each child. The staff at Coruña British School are committed to maintaining high expectations of good behaviour as an essential contribution to the educational experience of the children and to their happiness and well being while in school.
All children have the right to develop their potential and be safe and happy.
The rules or codes of behaviour are essential for maintaining the rights. These are split into three areas: Whole school, Classroom and Playground
For their rights to be maintained children have to take on the responsibility of the rules. If children break the rules they must understand that they have chosen to do this and therefore must accept the consequences of their actions.
The children and teachers will work together to establish Charters of Rights and Responsibilities and draw up the Codes of Conduct for the whole school and within each classroom.At Coruña British School the children are encouraged to:

  • Try hard to do their best.
  • Be kind and speak politely to everyone in the school community.
  • Respect other people, their possessions and school property.
  • Be helpful.
  • Ask for help or tell an adult if they are unhappy.
  • Accept responsibility for the things they do.

Children are taught what unacceptable behaviour is and are made aware of the consequences of breaking the rules. Minor behaviour issues will be dealt with within the classroom. If a more serious problem occurs the Head teacher or other senior member of staff will be informed.

Persistent misbehaviour will be dealt with in the following ways:

  • A home/school contract – working with parents to produce a programme to encourage improvements in behaviour. In extreme cases the Head teacher may decide that a period of exclusion in school or out of school may be necessary.
  • The Discipline Policy is based on a system of rewards and sanctions. Positive behaviour in the classroom and other areas within the school is rewarded so that students and pupils work towards the recognition of their achievements.

The school will work with the child’s parents/carers to help modify poor behaviour through approaches that are applied consistently at home and school. Further details are available in our Discipline Policy.