Visit to Marcelle’s zoo

This week the Sharks visited Marcelle Zoo in Lugo. They had a great time learning about the animals and especially enjoyed seeing the lynxes and wolves. It was wonderful... read more

The Admissions process at Coruña British School

The education of our children is a priority for any parent, and surely one of the main topics of conversation at home during their first years of life. What... read more

Healthy eating and school menus elaboration workshop

Last Monday, Coruña British School held a very interesting workshop on human nutrition and dietetics, leaded by two experts in this matter. In this activity, the participants could see... read more

Trip to CGAI

Last week, our Year 1 and Year 2 students had a very interesting trip to the Galician Image Arts Centre, where they had the opportunity to watch the film... read more

More than a hundred people participate in the first Open Day of CBS

Over a hundred people have joined us during our first Open Day at CBS. They loved our students exhibitions, especially the spectacular staging of Year 3, where they sang,... read more